Pascal's house

The Pascal's House is one of the most striking examples of the traditional late-nineteenth-century Tambourine town house, declared an architectural monument of culture. It has been restored and houses a local ethnographic collection representing traditional life and livelihoods in the Ivaylovgrad region during the Renaissance. The house has a stone base, made of bricks (clay and lime), as in the past the ground floor served economic functions, and the two floors above it were of mixed use, the so-called. "Houses" are living rooms, and the large beaver lounge - the fairy was used for growing beetles and welcoming guests during the off season.
      At the moment, the ethnographic exposition is arranged on the main two floors and includes:
       - Traditional living room with fireplace, dining area for the family (copper blue on a quad with pillows to sit on the ground around it), working place of the hostess, a guest room with all the necessary attributes demonstrating the well-being of the owners and a drill room. The latter is located on the upper floor, which shows the main stages in the production of silk cocoons and traditional traditional folk costumes.

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