Tomb of Svirachi village

The big mound near Svirachi village is located 6 km southwest of Ivaylovgrad and near the ancient villa “Armira”. It is located on a hill to the east of the village. The site for its erection was specially selected with good visibility from the valley near the villa. From the mound itself, the whole neighborhood can be seen in all directions.
        The big mound near the village. Svirachi is one of the largest in Bulgaria since the Roman era. It has a diameter of about 60 m and an original height of about 18-20 m. Its stone structure was completely revealed, which encircles the mound like a very strong stone ring. The stone structure is a unique creation of ancient architecture in the Bulgarian lands. A complex stepped structure was built on a massive base.
         The mound was erected as a mausoleum mound for one of the first owners of Armira Villa, but was used as an eternal dwelling place for his heir. Her grave was found high in the mound, with rich inventory, gifts and favorite personal belongings of the burial ground. The tomb dates from the first quarter of the 2nd century AD.
         Remains of another later tomb were found in the mound embankment. Such was found near the base of the mound in its southwestern part.

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