Ivaylovgrad Dam

Ivaylovgrad municipality is an ecologically clean area. There are no large industrial sites that pollute the environment. The municipality of Ivaylovgrad has 64 km. coastline and which predisposes to eco and water tourism.
         The third dam of the Arda water-electric cascade on the Arda River was built in 1964 and is one of the most picturesque in Bulgaria. The coast of Ivaylovgrad dam is sunken in greenery and has great potential for tourism and water sports development. Annually, in the beginning of June, here is the finale of the Republican Canoe Regatta - any way.
         Ivaylovgrad Dam is an attractive center for nature lovers, and with the opening of the summer fishing season the most accessible places around it become small campsites, such as catfish, carp, whitefish, perch, mullet, redfin, ukley and others. freshwater fish species.
        The Martha, Tsimbala and Niva areas are mini resorts - the main starting points for a panoramic boat, fishing and picnic excursion.

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