Municipal Museum Ivaylovgrad

The Municipal History Museum in Ivaylovgrad was officially opened on June 30, 2009. The museum is located in its own building, renovated and renovated under the program "Beautiful Bulgaria" and with funds from the Municipality.
        The museum organizes 3 exhibitions: "Archeology", "History of the city and the region before the Liberation" and "History after 1878".
        In the "Archeology" section are displayed artifacts discovered in archaeological research in the region - ceramics from the ancient villa "Armira", coins and parts from a Thracian burial chariot from the excavations at the mound near the village of Svirachi, artifacts from the fortresses "Lutitsa", "Rodostitsa" et al.
        The section "History of the city and the region before the Liberation" presents various exhibits from the 19th century, including rifles and pistols from the Russo-Turkish Liberation War, icons and archival documents related to the life and work of the voivods Yani Popov and Stambol Dimitrov.
        In the section "History after 1878" one can see objects and documents related to the life of the local population after the Liberation from Turkish slavery. Among them is a unique geographical and historical map of Bulgaria since 1913.

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