Athenian Bridge

The medieval vaulted bridge over the Armira River (called the Aterenska River in its upper reaches) has been declared an archeological monument of culture of local importance.
In its present form, the facility dates from the sixteenth century, but there are speculations that an ancient Roman road to the White Sea passed there, and later the bridge also had a connection with the fortified city - the fortress "Lutitsa". Part of it is crumbling and not very attractive as a stand-alone tourist attraction, but in combination with neighboring cultural and historical landmarks along the route, it can be a destination for visits. Near the bridge (1 km of dirt road along the Armira River) is one of the most attractive picnic spots in the municipality - the Grand Gyol, where every weekend during the warm six months there are four chevermetas. Along the river there is a suitable tourist infrastructure with a capacity of 25 seats (2 tables, benches and a fountain with cold water) with the possibility for larger events on the meadow in the neighborhood, including organizing a folklore program.

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